Window Cleaning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Window Cleaning


Q: What does it cost to get my windows cleaned professionally?

A: The cost of window washing varies by area, but it usually starts at $99. The length of time since your last professional window cleaning (if any), the number of windows you have, and the sorts of windows you want to be cleaned are all factors to consider. For a free estimate, they’ll send a qualified technician to your home who can assist you through the window counting process.


Q: Is a professional window cleaning service only for the outside of my windows, or also for the inside?

A: We can clean either or both, depending on your preference. Our professionals are certified to work on the interior of your house with care and safety. That means your furniture, flooring, and window coverings will be left in the same condition as when we arrived.

Q: Are your cleaning supplies safe to use?

A: Our goods are all non-toxic and biodegradable. We don’t use any ammonia or alcohol-based products that can harm your fabrics or flooring. Simply ask your local Window cleaner for a complete list of products utilized.

Q: How do you clean in three steps?

A: While most firms simply wet your glass and squeegee it dry, some method includes a 3-step in which the glass is scrubbed. This cleans the glass of tree sap, mulch spores, and bird droppings, among other things. This not only makes your windows look better, but it also helps them stay cleaner longer, according to the majority of the customers.

Q: Is it necessary for me to clean my windows regularly?

A: While we do welcome once-a-year customers, the majority of our clients opt for our twice-yearly interior and exterior cleanings or our quarterly exterior only cleanings.

Q: Is the service affected by the weather?

A: Window washing services are available all year! They clean in both cold, snowy weather and hot, humid conditions. They can even clean on rainy days as long as the rain is not blowing or driving. The professionals and your windows will be unaffected by mild rain. Remember that it is a driving rain hitting a dirty window screen that spots the windows, not the rain itself. Professional window cleaners can ensure that the quality of your cleanings remains consistent.

Q: Is it necessary for me to remove my grids or curtains?

A: While any aid is appreciated, it is not required. It does, however, make the job go more smoothly, and many customers prefer to assist, particularly with the removal of window grids. The professionals can usually work around practically anything in the house!

Q: How do I know I can put my faith in the experts?

A: The firm that cleans windows is completely insured and bonded. All employees are subjected to background checks, and all employees are required to wear Window Cleaning gear. They constantly ensure that the work is of high quality. When your neighbours and family visit your home, they will notice the change!