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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you have going on, it’s time to take house cleaning off your plate. Cleaning companies are available to help you out with all your cleaning needs. Now more than ever, you want to know your house is safe and clean.

We’ve collected some questions for you to ask your cleaner. Here’s how rates are calculated and how often you would like your house cleaned. You are already one step closer towards a sparkling clean home.

1. How do you set your rates?

When it comes to hiring a cleaning service, the rates they charge are a major concern. It is important to understand the rates they charge. The size of your house will often determine the rate.

Your cleaning professional asks how many bathrooms and bedrooms you have. This will allow them to determine the number of home cleaners and hours they will require.

Your rates will depend on the size of the home and the type of cleaning that you choose. A move-out or deep clean will have a different cost than a weekly home clean.

2. What is included in house cleaning services?

There will be many services included in your house cleaning. All surfaces, floors, countertops, sinks, and surfaces will be cleaned. Your mirrors, tubs, vanities, and showers will also be cleaned.

You can add on a window, baseboard and bed cleaning if you wish. They can clean your microwave, oven, or refrigerator if necessary. Add-ons can be added as often as you wish.

3. Do You Do Laundry?

This is a great option if you want laundry done while your maid service comes. Please indicate that you would like laundry done in your estimate. If you ask, your home cleaners will change your bed sheets.

You can wash your sheets yourself and leave them in your room so that your cleaner can make your bed. You can have any laundry done in the designated area or in the laundry room.

4. Are You Willing to Make the Dishes?

Your cleaners will clean up the countertops and sink. Your cleaner will clean up any dishes that have become stained in the sink.

Your home cleaner can load your dishwasher and even start it if you wish. To ensure that the company is able to price your order, you can specify how many dishes you would like cleaned and disposed of.

You’ll love returning to a clean sink after your cleaning service. After a long day at the office, there’s nothing more frustrating than cleaning out your sink.

5. What happens if I have more than one home?

Your cleaning professional should know if you have multiple properties or homes that you would like cleaned. If you give them a list of all the properties you would like to be cleaned, they can provide a more accurate estimate.

If you have a multi-family apartment or building, this can be very helpful. It is also possible to schedule cleanings of your vacation home. Your cleaning service can clean up after your guests have gone.

6. What products do I need to offer?

Unless you want to, you won’t need to bring your own cleaning supplies. Your cleaning crew will provide everything needed to clean and disinfect your home.

When scheduling your cleaning, please specify that you require a particular product to be used. Any particular items you have left for your cleaners can be requested.

7. Which products do you use?

Ask your professional for a list of cleaning products. All products are safe and have been tested to kill any bacteria. This will leave your home smelling and looking great.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions or allergies. Ask your cleaning professionals questions regarding COVID-19 .

8. How do I prepare for my cleaning?

It can be useful to sweep the floor in preparation for cleaning. While it is not necessary, it can speed up the process. There is no reason to clean before the cleaning crew arrives.

Your professionals will take care of everything. You can give your cleaning crew any instructions you may need.

9. How will you get into my home?

You don’t have to be there when the cleaning crew arrives. You can give the representative entry instructions before your cleaning. You can leave instructions for your cleaners, whether you have a key or a doorman.

You can choose to stay home if your crew arrives. While the cleaning crew works, you are welcome to remain in your home.

10. What happens if I have pets?

Pets are welcome in your home if you have one. When you book cleaning services, let your cleaner know that you have pets. You can create a safe place for your pet if they are scared or need extra care.

11. If asked, would you leave a room uncleaned?

We don’t have to clean your office if you work at home. Same goes for rooms with anxious pets or babies. Tell your cleaners which room you’d like to be moved.

12. How often will you clean?

You can schedule cleanings as many times as you like. You can either schedule a one-time cleaning or set up recurring services.

You can schedule services weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can also schedule cleaning before and after a move.

Deep cleans and post-construction cleans are also available. It is possible to hire services for workplaces anytime you need.

Top Cleaning Company Questions

Cleaning companies can help you take care of your home and make it look good. A professional cleaning crew will give you peace of mind and save you time.

To get a quote for your cleaning services, please fill out this contact form. You can now relax and enjoy your clean home.

Frequently Asked Questions RE Cleaning

Do's and don'ts in cleaning & disinfecting

  • DO clean before disinfecting. ...
  • DO NOT wipe, spray or wipe disinfectants immediately. ...
  • Do not forget to spray the area and leave it slightly damp.
  • Use vinegar, or any other disinfectant that has not been approved by the EPA, as a disinfectant. ...
  • DO NOT use heat for cleaning.
7 Things to Look for in a Reputable Cleaning Service
  • A Good Reputation. You must ensure that the business cleaning company has a track record of high quality work before hiring them. ...
  • Organized. ...
  • Commitment to Quality ...
  • Bonded and insured ...
  • Secure and confidential ...
  • The Company provides a legal contract. ...
  • Environment friendly
Cleaning: 10 Golden Rules
  • It is better to get rid of it sooner than later. ...
  • From the top, clean. ...
  • Think dry and then wet. ...
  • Begin with the most beneficial approach. ...
  • You can let time do all the work. ...
  • Keep your supplies close at hand. ...
  • If in doubt, perform a stealth test. ...
  • Do not flood easily damaged items.
Cleaners and Janitors are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals when cleaning with cleaning agents . OSHA requires that chemical hazards be disclosed to workers via labels on containers, Material Safety Data sheets and any applicable employee training.
Cleaning Services: The Four Most Common Occupational Hazards
  • Biological hazards. Any exposure to pathogens, bacteria, mold, or fungi that could cause illness is considered biological hazards. ...
  • Chemical Hazards ...
  • Potential Physical Hazards ...
  • Stress.
Employers have a legal obligation to conduct a risk assessment in order to ensure that cleaning activities are done safely and effectively. This makes sure that potential hazards are identified and assessed so cleaners can stay safe and healthy at work.

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